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St. Theodota

4th c. Convert. Martyr. Tortured and stoned to death for refusing to participate in a pagan festival.

More information about St. Theodota:
St. Theodota – Butler’s Lives of the Saints at Bartleby.com

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Sts. Adolphus and John

9th c. Martyrs of Cordoba. Brothers. Killed in persecutions conducted by Caliph Abdal-Rahman II.

More information on the Martyrs of Cordoba:

The Martyrs of Cordoba – Wikipedia

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St. Thomas Dien

Martyrs of Vietnam

Martyrs of Vietnam

Native of Vietnam. Martyred before he could complete his seminary studies. Flogged. Strangled to death.

More information on St. Thomas Dien

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Sts. Emilas & Jeremiah

Coat of Arms - Cordoba, Spain

Coat of Arms - Cordoba, Spain

9th c. Martyrs of Cordoba, Spain. Beheaded under Caliph Abd-al-Rahman II . Emilas was a deacon.

More information on Sts. Emilas & Jeremiah and the Martyrs of Cordoba:

Martyrs of Cordoba – Wikipedia

The Blessing of Cordoba by St. Eulogius

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St. Autonomous

Byzantine Icon of St. Autonomous4th c. Italian bishop. Martyred during the persecution instituted by Emperor Diocletian.

More information on St. Autonomous:

Saints & Angels – Catholic Online

Byzantine Chant associated with St. Autonomous on YouTube

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